Event Registration

2019 'Mothers in the Mills' Annual Fundraiser for The Puppy Mill Project
09/06/2019 06:30 PM - 10:30 PM CST


  • $125.00


Kimpton Hotel Allegro
171 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601
United States of America
Waiver Statement:

I understand that leashed (standard leashes only, NO retractable leashes are permitted), social dogs are welcome to attend this event.  I will use good judgement regarding the temperament of my dog so that the event will be enjoyable for everyone.  I will not bring a dog that is unreliable in large and noisy crowds or interacting with other dogs.  I will not bring a dog whose behavior could possibly be dangerous or injurious to other dogs or people.  I will not bring a female dog in heat.  I understand that dogs attending the event will be the sole responsibility of the owner.  I understand that any representative of The Puppy Mill Project or the Kimpton Hotel Allegro reserves the right to ask any dog and owner to leave the venue at any time if the dog or owner exhibits any aggressive or innapropriate behavior.

I understand that I, and/or my pet(s), may be photographed during the course of this event.  I grant full and unlimited permission to The Puppy Mill Project, and its agents and affiliates, to use my and/or my pet'(s) name(s), photograph(s) or any other record of participation in this event in any broadcast, telecast or other account of the event for publicity purposes, without compensation.

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